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1992 Refill Bourbon Barrel 55.7% Vol

Refill barrels allow us to showcase our unique Glenfiddich signature style, and this aged malt combines a lovely deep fruitiness with a luscious sweetness. Only 36 bottles of this unique batch will ever be released at this age.
/ 70cl
Bottles Remaining
0 of 36
  • Age
  • 22 years old
  • Year bottled
  • 2014
  • Cask type
  • Refill barrel
  • Cask No.
  • 8392
  • Warehouse No.
  • 36

Malt master's Comments

"There’s a luxurious simplicity about this aged malt. The refill barrel gives off sumptuously sweet vanilla notes that are balanced by a subtle oakiness."

/ 70cl

Refill Bourbon Barrel

  • Colour

    Light gold

  • Nose

    Definite and distinctive oak notes, but never overpowering

  • Taste

    Sweet, creamy and rich flavours softened by the refill oak are complemented by a deep Glenfiddich signature fresh fruitiness

  • Finish

    Luscious and lingering vanilla oakiness

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