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About Glenfiddich Gallery line

Rare hand-selected Whiskies

By being family run for over 125 years we've had the freedom to amass an unrivalled collection of aged whisky stock, dating back many decades, letting us offer you some of the rarest malts ever assembled in one place.


Brian Kinsman, malt master line

"I've chosen each of these extraordinary aged whiskies for their unique taste profile or innovative finish. Each rare malt is unlike any other, offering an ever-changing choice of whiskies from 18 to over 50 years old or a malt finish that might include a Bordeaux wine cask or a virgin oak cask."

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Luxury Bespoke Packagingline

This is bespoke whisky taken to a new luxury level. From box to bottle, you have the unique chance to create and personalise the packaging for your exclusive whisky, making it as precious and original as it can be.

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From the heart of

the Glenfiddich distillery

Glenfiddich has always been a family affairline

William Grant, our founder, hand-built our distillery in the Glen of Fiddich, outside Dufftown, with the help of his seven sons and two daughters in a single year. The first pure spirit flowed from his second-hand copper stills on Christmas Day 1887.

Family run since 1887

William Grant's pioneering attitude has inspired all the generations after him, and helped make us the world's most awarded single malt Scotch whisky. Today, Glenfiddich Gallery is a true reflection of his passion, foresight and desire to constantly create the best dram in the valley.


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      Rare hand-selected whiskies.
      Luxury bespoke packaging.

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